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Disability Rant…

 7 in 10 employed Americans say they would feel the financial pinch in a month or less without their paycheck- Life Happens

Imagine for a moment if you were injured on the weekend doing something stupid and couldn’t go to work and you were the sole bread winner, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR PLAN?

If you didn’t have a PLAN and ZERO savings account to keep the family afloat for say 3-4 months your family would definitely feel the pinch. Utility bills and auto loans would be delinquent, mortgage payments would definitely be late or missed all together and let’s not forget you do have to feed your family. SO YOUR PLAN STICKS!!

Imagine that we met and did a review of your current Homeowners, Auto, Business and Umbrella policies and I recommended a Disability policy or a PAYCHECK POLICY! What would your family’s financial situation look like……… if you were out of work for say 6 months? Pretty secure if you ask me!!! Let me show you an example:

Self-employed Male, 37 income of 62k per year- $3450.00 Total monthly benefit.

Premium $74.79 per month!!!

Now that’s a PLAN

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